Crossing the Line

March 18, 2015

There is a line
Between best friend and lover
That we crossed so long ago

There is a line
Between desire and passion
Where temperatures rise to a boil

There is a line
Between gentle and dominant
You gave me permission to cross

There is a line
Clearly defined and distinct
That runs from my heart to yours

Red, Red Roses

April 27, 2007

Roses are red
And so is this poem
Bethy dared me to rhyme
So now I must show ’em

But this page hosts words
In sentence and verse
Lines gently erotic
Though sometimes they’re worse

So how can I think
Of petals and flowers
And not dream of lovers
Embracing for hours

Roses have beauty
But are also thorny
Blending pleasure and pain
That might make some horny

So next time you stoop
To delight in a rose
Remember the place
That your stoop will expose

For there may be a man
Whose gaze will not pass
But will pause and then linger
For a glimpse of your ass

So if you’re in this garden
On romantic nights
Watch out for the man
Who in roses delights


This poem was prompted by TheBethy. And now Lola, Heather, and Tess… I expect you to follow my lead and share a poem that begins with this famous line.

The Firm Embrace

January 15, 2007

Wrapping her in my arms

Holding her flesh against my chest

Feeling her heart

Beating in rhythm and time

With mine


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